Heating Oil Delivery in Lancaster County

If you are looking for reliable heating oil delivery to keep your Pennsylvania home warm through the winter, you can count on Schwanger Brothers. We’ve been serving the Lancaster County area with prompt, safe heating oil delivery for 80 years and continue to support our customer community with unmatched service and premium heating fuel oil. The heating oil we deliver is a B2 Bioheat® blend, which is compatible with existing oil heating equipment and produces significantly fewer emissions. Click here to learn more about our Bioheat fuel.

Automatic Oil Delivery

Schwanger Brothers fuel oil customers have the option to take advantage of our convenient automatic delivery service. As an automatic delivery customer, you let us take the reins of your energy needs during the winter. Our computerized systems track your fuel usage so that we are able to accurately estimate when you need a delivery. Sign up for automatic delivery to start enjoying this convenient service at no additional charge.

Will-Call Oil Delivery

Will-call heating oil delivery is available for customers who prefer to monitor their oil tank levels and schedule deliveries manually. Running out of fuel oil is an unnecessary risk that can cause costly damages, so we recommend that customers order oil before their fuel oil tank gauge reads 25% full.

Benefits of Home Heating Oil

There are many reasons to choose fuel oil to heat your home:

  • Oil Heat Is Clean. Fuel oil burns 95% cleaner today than in 1970 thanks to advancements in technology. Plus, the fuel itself is much cleaner than in days past with the addition of biodiesel, making it a cleaner, greener, renewable energy source that’s low in emissions and great for the environment.
  • Oil Heat Is Safe. Oil heat is a nonexplosive fuel and is incredibly difficult to ignite, which means you don’t need to worry about your home or family’s safety. It will also produce visible warning signs like smoke or soot should your heating system malfunction.
  • Oil Heat Is Dependable. Not only is oil heat the warmest fuel (with at least 40% more heat per unit than comparable fuels), it’s also here to stay. The introduction of biodiesel in home heating fuel means more domestic production, making it a fuel source you can count on for years to come.

Home Heating Oil Delivery by Schwanger Bros in Lancaster County, PA