Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery in Lancaster, PA

Want to simplify your heating oil orders and deliveries? If so, we highly recommend that you enroll in our automatic oil delivery program. This convenient service is available to you at no extra cost, making it a great alternative to having to remember to check your Greater Lancaster, PA area fuel oil storage tank levels and place manual fuel oil delivery orders every time.

Automatic oil delivery will help take the hassle out of scheduling your heating oil deliveries throughout the year. Simply sign up and let the experts at Schwanger Bros. take care of the rest. You’ll enjoy total convenience, no matter how cold this winter ends up being.


Wondering How Automatic Oil Delivery Works?

The process is actually quite simple. Our team of fuel experts will create a custom oil delivery schedule based on your preferences, heating history, and temperature calculations. By tracking these statistics, the Schwanger Bros. fuel delivery team can accurately estimate when your oil storage tank is due for a refill.

Automatic Oil Delivery Is Convenient, Efficient, and Protective

Here are some of our customers’ favorite benefits of using our automatic heating oil delivery program! To take advantage of these valuable benefits, all you have to do is sign up! Contact Schwanger Bros. today to sign up at no extra cost.

Complete Energy Convenience

There’s no need to trek down to your oil tank every week and place a delivery request—we’ll monitor your tank remotely and refill it when you are in need of more heating fuel for your PA property.

Smarter Fuel Economy

Enjoy more efficient deliveries when you get more fuel at one time. Our automatic delivery service will only fill your tank when you’re in need, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary deliveries.

Increased Home Security

It’s easy to forget to check your oil tank, but with our automatic delivery service, you take that worry off your to-do list. Let the fuel experts at Schwanger Bros. handle your fuel oil delivery schedule.