Bioheat® Fuel Delivery in Lancaster County

Schwanger Brothers is dedicated to helping our customers make the best choices for their home comfort and our environment. This is why we are excited to announce that all of the heating oil that we deliver is Bioheat® fuel. Our Bioheat® is a B2 blend of sustainable biofuel and premium home heating oil that is compatible with standard oil heating systems and offers many eco-friendly benefits.


Bioheat® 101

Bioheat® is a renewable heating fuel option that is safe, biodegradable, nontoxic, and produces very few carbon emissions.

How is Bioheat® made?

Bioheat® is made by blending standard home heating oil with biofuel. Biofuel is made from reusable and/or renewable resources, like plant oils, animal fats, and recycled grease. Biofuel is made domestically in the US.

Is Bioheat® safe?

Yes, like traditional home heating oil Bioheat® is nonexplosive and has the ability to produce visible warning signs of a malfunction. Bioheat® is safer for the environment because it produces nearly zero emissions.

What are the benefits of using Bioheat®?

Some of the major advantages of using Bioheat® fuel in your PA home or business are…

  • Bioheat® produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Bioheat® can be used in your existing oil boiler or furnace, no modifications required
  • Bioheat® supports domestic jobs in the United States

Interested in using Bioheat® in your home or business? Contact Schwanger Brothers for high-quality Bioheat® fuel and reliable delivery.


Automatic Bioheat® Fuel Delivery

Simplify your will-call fuel ordering schedule by signing up for automatic Bioheat® fuel oil delivery from Schwanger Bros. We’ll automatically calculate when you need refills and deliver as needed. Learn more about this free and convenient delivery option here:

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Saturday Delivery Request

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