Oil & Gas Conversions in Lancaster County, PA

If you are looking to convert your oil heating system to gas, or vice versa, choose an experienced fuel and heating service provider. Conversion projects are no small job, and you want to make sure your equipment and your property are in the right hands. Schwanger Brothers has been in business for eight decades and during this time we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted full-service energy companies in Lancaster County. We have completed many oil and gas conversions for our customers and ensure that each conversion is completed safely and efficiently.

Oil-to-Gas Conversions

Converting your oil heating system to gas should be done by a licensed professional like Schwanger Brothers. Our service technicians are prepared to visit and assess your property to determine the best plan of action. We will handle the process from start to finish, including removing your oil tank, developing your gas line system, and installing new tanks and equipment. Our service team highly trained and performs every oil-to-gas conversion service within property safety requirements. Our gas heating services also include:

Switching from Gas to Oil

Interested in switching from gas to oil? We can help you do that, too! When you make the switch from gas to home heating oil you can still depend on Schwanger Brothers for professional oil heating equipment installation, oil heating tune-ups, and on-call repairs and service. We deliver premium home heating oil to our customers in Pennsylvania, making us a one-stop shop for all of your home heating oil needs.

If you have any questions about our oil and gas conversions, contact Schwanger Brothers online or call (717) 393-5868.

Oil to Gas System Conversions in Lancaster County, PA