Bioheat®, Heating Oil, and Propane Furnace Installations

Schwanger Brothers is proud to provide the highest quality installations of the best high-efficiency furnaces on the market. When you need a furnace that’s going to perform for years to come and keep you comfortable with the most dependable equipment, trust Schwanger Brothers. Get in touch with our expert team to install a new furnace today.

Benefits of a New Furnace Installation

A new Bioheat® fuel, heating oil, or propane furnace will burn fuel more efficiently and keep your home comfortable and safe. Check out the benefits of a new Bioheat® fuel, heating oil, or propane furnace:

  • Increase your home’s value
  • Provide you with the highest efficiency possible
  • Reduce your risk of needing emergency heating service
  • Give your family total peace of mind

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heating Equipment

  • Strange Noises or Smells: If you start to hear out-of-the-ordinary humming, banging, or clunking coming from your furnace, it could be time for a replacement. Abnormal odors can be another red flag.
  • Uneven Heating: If your thermostat reads a typical temperature, but heat is not reaching all areas of your home equally, that can indicate the decline of your furnace’s operation capabilities.
  • High Energy Bills: Consistently climbing heating costs, without extreme weather or household size increase, is a clear symptom of decreased fuel economy.
  • Dusty or Dry Air: Excess amounts of dust or drastic changes in air humidity can be a result of an ineffective furnace.
  • Increased Repair Frequency: Your furnace will suffer from more breakdowns as years of wear and tear go by, but if you find you’re spending massive amounts on repairs, it may be time to replace the entire system.

Brands of Furnaces We Carry

  • Broan
  • The Unico System